Kushed Sadhu Candle 隨喜香薰蠟燭 6oz
Kushed Sadhu Candle 隨喜香薰蠟燭 6oz
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kushed Sadhu Candle 隨喜香薰蠟燭 6oz
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kushed Sadhu Candle 隨喜香薰蠟燭 6oz

Kushed Sadhu Candle 隨喜香薰蠟燭 6oz

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檀香、雞蛋花和大麻。 巧妙地融入了雞蛋花、野玫瑰和乳香的香氣。

多年來,香薰一直是世界各地各種文化中儀式和冥想的重要組成部分。 Kushed 隨喜香薰蠟燭令人難以置信的激動和變革。 敞開心扉,與你的精神世界建立更深層次的聯繫。


多年來,香薰一直是世界各地各種文化中儀式和冥想的重要組成部分。 Kushed 隨喜香薰蠟燭令人難以置信的激動和變革。 敞開心扉,與你的精神世界建立更深層次的聯繫。

Kushed隨喜香薰蠟燭加入了Cannabis大麻籽精油,絶不含 THC 或 CBD。

每個蠟燭之燃燒時間可長達 25 小時。適合直接燃燒或放於融蠟燈使用。


  • 大麻籽精油 (Hemp Cannabis Essential Oil)
  • 雞蛋花精油 (Plumeria Essential Oil)
  • 玫瑰精油 (Wild Rose Essential Oil)
  • 乳香精油 (Frankincense Essential Oil)
  • 大豆蠟 (Soy Wax)






    Sandalwood, plumeria and hemp. Subtly infused with notes of Indian musk, wild rose and frankincense.

    Fragrances have been an important part of rituals and meditations for ages in every culture around the world. Our Sadhu candle is incredibly arousing and transformative. To open the heart and form a deeper connection with your spiritual world.

    6 oz. Tin.


    Hand poured Kushed Sadhu Candle containing a superior soy wax blend, infused with exotic essential oils and premium fragrances.

    Kushed candles are made with cotton wick – earth friendly and clean burning.

    Contains no THC or CBD, just our own Hemp Cannabis Essential Oil.

    Up to 25 hours burn time.


    • Hemp Cannabis Essential Oil
    • Plumeria Essential Oil
    • Wild Rose Essential Oil
    • Frankincense Essential Oil
    • Soy Wax

    About Kushed

    Kushed candles began blending wax and essential oils in the kitchen back around 2003. Our mission is to lift the vibe, and what better way to do that than with a natural, sustainably made, organic, cannabis infused candle! All of our jars are unique, one-of-a-kind hand blown glass jars, made for one-of-a-kind customers!

    The Original Kushed Candles are made from our signature essential oil blends, and our own superior blend of paraben-free soy bean wax, ultra-premium coconut wax, and a touch of beeswax to deliver a cleaner—longer burn complimented by an incredibly opulent scent-throw. Hand poured in small batches, each of our cotton wicks are perfectly straightened and trimmed before the wax cools.